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Carbo Culture has been working its way through the universe since Singularity University's Global Solutions Program held in 2013 at NASA Ames Research Center in California. The multi-disciplinary team has been put together during and after 2013, and together the team has over three decades of experience in carbon research, engineering, patents, science scale-up and ventures. 

We are not only heavily concerned of levels of greenhouse gases and the consequences of global warming, but also certain that by engineering a carbon cycle, we can halt those negative affects while creating valuable products. 

We are looking for further corporate partners and investors with industry and carbon or material science experience. 



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Carbon is all around us, in us and in every layer of this unique planet of ours. 

We are just not managing it. The necessity for solutions has moved from carbon-neutral to carbon negative due to long-lasting procrastination and denial.

We believe in engineering high value carbon products and materials. Carbo Culture makes high end carbon products locally from available biomass in a carbon negative, modular process.

We produce high carbon content charcoal for industrial and agriculture use, and advanced materials such as graphene or activated carbon.     

The key to stopping manmade greenhouse gas emissions is not only cutting the release of billions of tons of carbon yearly but also capturing some of the cycle and locking it in the soils, and turning industrial processses to make use of better sourced materials. 



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