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Our northstar mission is to remove 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

In the process, we’re decarbonising energy and soil inputs. For each ton of removed , we estimate at least a double amount of emissions are limited through emission reduction in soil inputs, replacing heavy emitting construction materials and providing clean energy.

Urgently reducing is of utmost importance, but today not enough to prevent global temperature rises – in addition, we need carbon dioxide to be removed from the atmosphere with natural and hybrid-technological solutions. Most methods of carbon removal are limited by their technological scalability. At Carbo Culture, we have leveraged natural processes with advanced engineering to create a rapidly scalable solution. We are a project developer with proprietary climate technology on a mission to remove 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

Our founders joined forces in 2013 at Singularity University at the NASA Ames Research Centre, where they began to develop a novel carbon removal solution based on a decade of academic research. The company got started in 2018 with initial funding and the R1 reactor prototype assembly. We are also proud alumni of Stanford’s founder community StartX batch SS 2019 and since then, our team has grown into a highly motivated group of engineers, climate experts and change makers. With decades of combined experience, our experts and industry veterans are working together to achieve our mission.

Our team

  • Henrietta Moon

    CEO & Co-Founder

    London, UK

  • Chris Carstens

    CTO & Co-Founder

    New York, US

  • Bjørn Dahlen

    VP, Engineering

    Oslo, NO

  • Charlotta Liukas

    Head of Operations

    Helsinki, FI

  • Jack Holmes

    Head of Project Finance

    London, UK

  • Jukka Hirvenoja

    Head of Product

    Helsinki, FI

  • Kirsi Tanski

    Head of Biochar Commercialisation

    Porvoo, FI

  • Becca Aspinwall

    Head of Legal

    London, UK

  • Temitope Popoola


    Helsinki, FI

  • Zach Landau

    R&D Engineer

    Escalon, US

  • Hanna Ojanen

    Head of Carbon Markets and Policy

    Brussels, BE

  • Sascha Habel

    Senior Process Engineer

    Helsinki, FI

  • Matt Mallory

    Product Manager

    Boston, US

  • Garrett Manley

    Mechanical Engineer

    Escalon, US

  • Siddhartha Gadiraju PhD

    Head of Research and Development

    Escalon, US

  • Timo Hämäläinen

    Chief Mechanical Engineer

    Helsinki, FI

  • Joe Plante

    Mechanical Technician

    Escalon, US

  • Manuel Villaseñor

    Mechanical Technician

    Escalon, US

  • Ilkka Taponen

    Business Development Lead

    Helsinki, FI

  • Rahul Pardasani

    Talent Acquisition Lead

    Helsinki, FI

  • Ari Pesonen

    R&D Site Manager

    Helsinki, FI

  • Mikko Niemelä

    Chief Automation Engineer

    Helsinki, FI

  • Jyri Rahkonen

    Process Operator

    Helsinki, FI

  • Daniel Goodman

    Special Projects Lead

    California, US

  • Karoliina Moberg

    Product Marketing Lead

    Riihimäki, FI

  • Pekka Järvenpää

    Product Development Lead

    Jyväskylä, FI

  • Valtter Koukkunen

    Process Operator

    Helsinki, Finland


  • Karen McClellan

    Financial strategy advisor

  • Alex Patist

    Bioprocess development & commercialisation advisor

Partners and collaborators

We are excited to work with industry pioneers in scaling our technology, developing new biochar applications and decarbonising the energy sector.

Join us on our journey to remove 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

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