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We are a project developer with proprietary climate technology. We are building a rapidly scalable biochar carbon removal solution.

Our patented Carbolysis™ reactors take waste biomass and convert it into stable biochar, locking carbon safely away for centuries and generating renewable energy in the process.

To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to look beyond emission reductions and actively draw down from the atmosphere by storing it away safely — for good. At Carbo Culture, we believe is the fastest way to draw down carbon from the atmosphere; we convert the carbon from plant matter into a stable form of pure carbon so it stays out of the air.

Assisting photosynthesis

Plants draw down CO2 from the atmosphere via photosynthesis and solar power at unbeatable efficiency.

Revolutionary Reactors

We take waste and transform it using our patented reactors, permanently storing the carbon in an inert, solid form called biochar.

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Impactful outcomes

Our unique process produces high-quality biochar for agricultural and construction applications, generates renewable energy, and creates some of the most tangible carbon credits on the market.

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Our technology is safe, proven and ready to scale today. We’ve already installed R3, our final test rig, and are currently working on C1, our first commercial facility, with the scope to establish multiple facilities by 2026 under a project platform model.

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Partners and collaborators

We are excited to work with industry pioneers in scaling our technology, developing new biochar applications and decarbonising the energy sector.

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