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Carbo Culture biochar is exceptionally consistent and has one of the highest carbon contents on the market. In fact our patented process transforms industrial biomass side streams into high quality products for horticultural, landscaping and construction applications.

Do you need biochar for a small project or 30,000 to 200,000 cubic meters per year? Thanks to our unique technology you can secure a constant supply of high quality product. Most importantly, Carbo Culture technology is capable of processing larger quantities of biomass than any other technology on the market.

Do you need a high-quality, sustainable raw material for agricultural, landscaping, or construction applications?

High surface area

Improve water and nutrient retention of the soil or growing media by using biochar with a high surface area and adsorption capacity. Read more how you can use it in horticulture or landscaping applications.

High permanence

Environmentally safe

High carbon content

Do you need help in quantifying and validating the benefits of biocarbon? Our in-house experts are happy help!

Find out how biochar is used in growing media applications!

biochar in professional hi-tech horticulture

Biochar in professional horticulture

biochar in urban landscaping

Biochar in urban landscaping

Biochar’s unique properties make it a powerful soil enhancer in a number of ways.


The porous structure, negative charge and large surface area of biochar give it unique properties that make it a powerful soil enhancer. It prevents nutrients from leaching away in soils, while at the same time helping to adsorb and retain water. This improves the soil structure, increases crop yields, and returns carbon back to the soil. 

Replace peat

Biochar is a sustainable alternative to peat, providing a similar CEC and water-holding capacity whilst being significantly better for the environment.

Manage nutrients

Reduce soil emissions

Biocarbon in construction materials

Given cement is the source of 8% of all global CO2 emissions, decarbonisation efforts are urgently needed. Carbo Culture’s biocarbon is built to scale and allows for a secure and consistent supply of highly stable biocarbon. Therefore, Carbo Culture is the ideal partner to supply it for the construction industry. Using this product in construction applications addresses two pressing needs at once. Firstly, it sequesters carbon. Secondly, it reduces the carbon footprint of materials, such as cement, for climate-friendly concrete.

Replace cement

Biocarbon can replace up to 10% of cement while the cement maintains the required compression and flexural strength.

Store carbon

Ask us to find out more about our R&D successes using biochar to reduce concrete’s carbon footprint.

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