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Biochar for horticulture

Our technology turns waste biomass into risk-free growing media components, syngas and carbon credits. Our biochar for horticulture is a sustainable, high-performance growing media component.

It meets the strict performance and quality criteria of professional horticulture. The consistent quality and inert nature of our biochar make it a risk-reducing agent for growing media production, sourced from local feedstocks.

Carbo Culture biochar for horticulture is a high performance substrate constituent

High purity substrate constituent

Biochar is an extremely safe component by nature. Unlike most substrate components, it doesn’t contain contaminants such as weeds, microplastics, human or plant pathogenic organisms, pesticide residues or other chemicals. Moreover, the low ash content and absence of heavy metals make our biochar perfect for growing media applications.

Excellent structural stability

A wide scale of particle sizes

High surface area

Our patented technology turns circular raw materials into risk-free growing media components and syngas.

Risk-free project partnership

Carbo Culture wants to accelerate the green transition of the growing media industry. We will own and operate the Carbo Culture reactors at the substrate production site. In this manner, we offer the substrate producer a risk-free access to:

  • circular solution for waste biomass
  • highest quality carbon neutral biochar for growing media production
  • renewable energy in the form of biogenic syngas or heat and power
  • carbon credits

What’s  more, high-quality pyrolysis is today the only method that converts biomasses containing residues, such as plant protection chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and antibiotics to a clean, stable, safe and carbon-neutral form – biochar for horticulture. 

Let’s take the growing media to the next level together for the benefit of the climate, profitability, and food production!

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  • Kirsi Tanski

    Head of Biochar Commercialisation

    Helsinki, FI

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1 ton of biochar generates 6.4 MWh renewable energy. Find out how it can be utilised in different ways!

Learn how Carbo Culture's biochar team wants to accelerate the green transition of agribusiness!

Let's take the horticultural industry to the next level together for the benefit of the climate, profitability, and food production!

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