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Carbo Culture’s biochar team wants to accelerate the green transition of agribusiness.

The cascading use of biomass creates a holistic solution for the green transition of the professional growing value chain.


When we think about carbon sequestration, farmers and growers are in a pivotal role. As plants grow, they capture carbon, and growers enable this process on a large scale every single day. What Carbo Culture can bring to this is the ability to store that carbon for thousands of years in the form of biochar. Furthermore, the biochar can be used to grow even more plants. Hence, the Carbo Culture biochar team was formed at the end of 2023.

Kirsi Tanski, Head of Biochar Commercialisation, leads the specialist team. Kirsi is a business development and marketing professional who specialises in horticulture and global food chains. Moreover, she has over twenty years of global business experience. She was previously responsible for business strategy, business development, portfolio, and marketing of professional growing media globally.

Kirsi’s team includes Matthew Mallory and Pekka Järvenpää in product development, Karoliina Moberg in marketing and Dewald de Vos in sales. Together, they aim to expand Carbo Culture’s business by selling high-quality biochar and providing a more holistic solution that includes green energy, carbon removal and biomass utilisation. So, what does this mean for agribusiness and especially for the green transition of the professional growing value chain?

Creating opportunities for green transition

As with most industries, agribusiness is also going through the green transition. The fertiliser and substrate producers are looking for future-fit solutions that reduce the complete environmental footprint of their customers, the growers. However, it doesn’t mean just carbon-neutral or carbon-negative products. It means providing solutions that enable the grower to produce more with less.

Carbo Culture’s co-location solution enables substrate companies to differentiate by having their signature biochar produced from circular raw materials and industry-side streams on-site. Moreover, Carbo Culture’s patented technology creates biochar with unique properties such as a hard, durable, yet porous structure. What’s revolutionary about the process is that it can produce biochar with any particle size and shape which is needed. This is attractive, especially for the growing media industry, where structural stability and variations in pore sizes play a critical role. Kirsi intends that Carbo Culture’s biochar will be the first biochar in the world to have an RHP certification, a sign of quality for the growers.

The EU’s energy market is going through a green transition. The demand for renewable energy is growing while companies are determined to move away from fossil fuels. The demand for green energy creates an opportunity for Carbo Culture co-location partners since they gain access to a constant flow of renewable energy. The site produces syngas steadily 24/7 throughout the year independent of weather conditions.

The professional growing value chain has several players that have energy-intensive processes, many of which produce tons of biomass and require high-quality biochar. The whole sector is looking for ways to decarbonise. The biochar team is eager to accelerate the green transition of the professional growing value chain with Carbo Culture’s unique CarbolysisTM technology and the cascading use of biomass.


To learn more about our solution, get in touch with the team:

Kirsi Tanski, Head of Biochar Commercialisation
Dewald de Vos, Business Development Lead
Karoliina Moberg, Marketing Lead
Pekka Järvenpää, Product Development Lead
Matthew Mallory, Product Manager

Written by Karoliina Moberg

Marketing Lead


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