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Our patented, energy-positive Carbolysis reaction takes waste plant matter, or biomass, to high temperatures and converts the carbon into a stable, inert form for permanent storage.


Building on more than a decade of research, Carbo Culture has developed a proprietary carbon removal technology called Carbolysis™. Our efficient Carbolysis process uses a patented method to convert waste biomass into solid biochar through high temperatures and pressures with unique control methods.

This process creates a highly stable biochar where the carbon atoms have stronger bonds than those in the original biomass. Unlike other pyrolysis processes, our unique solution also turns all additional oils and into biogenic without producing any tar liquid end products.

We first place a bed of biomass inside our reactor.

A downward flow of compressed air then pressurizes the reactor.

Next, the biomass is ignited from the bottom.

The reaction front then moves upwards through the reactor converting it into solid biochar.

Tar-free syngas is also produced in the process, which can be used for heat or to generate renewable electricity.

When the process is completed, the biochar batch is emptied, cooled down and made ready for export.

High carbon content

Average contains around 40% carbon, but thanks to our high-temperature Carbolysis reaction, the biochar we produce contains more than 91% carbon. Or, to look at it differently, the equivalent of 3.086 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere is trapped inside every ton of our biochar.

High permanence

No external heating

Wasteless and efficient

Reactor scalability

Join us on our journey to remove 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

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