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Carbon credits

Our carbon credits are based on biochar carbon removal (BCR). BCR is the most efficient and scalable way of doing carbon dioxide removal (CDR) today. Additionally, our biochar credits represent measurable, data-driven and verifiable carbon removal.

Carbo Culture’s biochar has a proven long-term chemical and biological stability. Therefore, it will persist unchanged over thousands of years. As a result, our carbon credits are some of the most reliable on the market. Read on to learn more about the advantages of our credits.

Purchase biochar carbon credits that are one of the most reliable in the market.

Highest quality biochar carbon credits

High-quality means that our credits come from biochar with a lab-proven durability and no biological degradation and an extremely high >90% carbon content. The permanence or durability of our biochar carbon credits is secured by the permanent, long-term storage of our biochar as:

  • carbon storage in soil (permanent storage)
  • soil amendment contributing to the enhancement of soil properties (carbon farming)
  • construction material with the partial replacement of GHG-intensive material (carbon storage in products)

As a result, our credits are safe because the carbon is in long-term storage from where it doesn’t escape back into the atmosphere.

Permanent for 10,000 years

Independent laboratory analysis verifies that our biochar is stable and can store the carbon for over thousand years. Moreover, we do not relay on just one method of analysis.

Firstly, our biochar has an extremely high carbon content with extremely low H:C and O:C ratios. Subsequently, our biochar consists of carbon to carbon bonds that endure biochemical processes.

Secondly, a high reflectance rate of our biochar means that our biochar is similar to graphite. Graphite is a very stable and millions of years old natural form of carbon. Consequently, it indicates that the carbon in our biochar is in similar, stable structure.

Measurable amount of carbon

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Sustainable co-benefits

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Permanence of biochar carbon removal (BCR)

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