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Biochar for landscaping

Climate change poses new challenges to the urban environment. Our biochar is a permanent organic material that remains in the soil for thousands of years, being very reluctant to biological degradation. Thus, Carbo Culture biochar for landscaping applications provides a permanent carbon sink. Moreover, biochar has many other functional benefits when used in landscaping.

Biochar improves soil fertility, microbial biodiversity, and water protection, as well as nutrient recycling in urban areas. Moreover, biochar has a low bulk weight, making it a perfect component for landscaping applications like green roofs. Read further to learn more about the benefits of our biochar and how it can be used in urban landscaping.

Urban landscaping

Biochar has many applications in urban landscaping. It can be used for:

  • Green roofs
  • Urban trees
  • Structural soils
  • Storm water management
  • Golf courses and sports fields

Biochar brings to the landscaping soil the strengths of both organic and inorganic raw materials without any of the disadvantages.

Benefits of biochar for landscaping applications

Carbon Sequestration

Our biochar is a carbon-neutral product. Moreover, our biochar does not degrade over time. While other raw materials degrade they release carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. Our biochar doesn’t cause these emissions. Lastly, adding biochar to soil builds up and sequestrates soil organic carbon creating a carbon sink.

High Purity

Excellent Stability

High Surface Area

Charging with nutrients

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  • Kirsi Tanski

    Head of Biochar Commercialisation

    Helsinki, FI

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