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Our process is a uniquely exothermic, or heat-donating, biochar process. Unlike most biochar production methods, Carbolysis does not require energy to maintain its reaction, and we do not produce a liquid fraction at all, making more available energy in the form of syngas.

Our self-sustaining process creates energy-dense syngas from which we can produce clean heat and power.

At Carbo Culture, we generate renewable energy that can be used to power and heat local homes and businesses.

To begin the Carboysis™ reaction, we use a small amount of electricity to kickstart the process; less than 2% of the energy that’s eventually released from the biomass heating. After starting, the process becomes self-sustaining and requires no heat input throughout, reaching a temperature high of above 750 degrees Celsius.


Our process generates up 60% more energy than other biochar production methods.

High yield

High utilisation

Renewable electricity

Our syngas can be used directly in gas engines to make electricity (without the need for costly syngas treatment). This electricity can then be supplied to the grid or directly to co-located industrial partners for carbon-negative power.


Our syngas can also provide high-temperature heat for large industrial and institutional applications. Co-locating with industrial processes with waste biomass is beneficial to both: us getting a stable source of raw feedstock and the industrial partner getting a pre-determined price for energy as a long-term offtake, derisking financials while mitigating CO2 emissions. In essence, we provide stability, affordability and emission reduction as a partner. 

We will use the heat from our first commercial facility C1 to supply the local district heating network with clean heat, providing clean heat to thousands of homes in the area throughout the year using locally sourced waste biomass. 

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